Sunday, February 7, 2010

Squirming and Cheering

Pete McMartin, the Sun columnist, wrote an excellent piece yesterday.

The headline pretty much catches the gist of the article:
"Why I loathe the Olympics and why I hope they succeed"

I think he has captured the mix of emotions that many are feeling.


Gavin said...

One of Pete's best columns.....he sums up my feelings about the whole 2010 scene.

keith said...

definition of a "World Class City."
-you can't afford to live there.

Anonymous said...

Its a good article but I am still not sold on the olympdicks being of any value what so ever.

The infrastructure that we have was either not needed ( Sea to Sky ) or crammed down our throats (RAV line) in a manner that will spawn law suits for a long time.

Thank God that its already Feb 7th and this whole disgusting waste of time and money will soon just be a bad memory.

If this event is a complete and total failure on every level we might see some good come out of it.
Idiot mayor gonzo with Gordo bringing up the rear. In this I believe.


Gary L. said...

"Idiot mayor gonzo with Gordo bringing up the rear."
Thanks for the visuals! Way too much information!


Anonymous said...

Great article. Deserving of a Jack Webster Award.