Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweating it Out

I have a new radio talk show on the way.

It's called "Sauna Talk."

Which is a bit misleading because all of the conversation and interviews actually take place in the whirlpool at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre on Beach Avenue.

The inspiration came yesterday.

Five men of various shapes and sizes were shvitzing at the far end of the giant tub.

Each one looked and sounded dumber than the last.

But, boy, did they know everything about everything!

Gordon Campbell, George Bush, Afghanistan, Obama, interest rates, mortgages, property assessments, Drew Brees, the Saints...

The Tatooted Man - there's one in every whirlpool - even had a life-size Mickey Mouse on his chest.

Whatever is really "life-size" for The Mick...who knows?

I thought as I hobbled back to the locker room, "The Globe, the New York Times - what do I read this trash for? I've got the experts right here in sloppy hanging Hawaiian bathing suits."

There must be some station in town who really needs something different...

Listen closely over the coming weeks...but, Puleeeeze, brng your own towel!


Norman Farrell said...

Heck! I was hoping there were places in this world for fat, old gray-haired guys with opinions on everything.

We need respect, not ridicule.

Anonymous said...

Please put this show on a TV station, not a radio station! And to the comment above, I say, I am a woman who LOVES fat old gray-haired guys who have opinions. Sure beats the young wishy-washy slackers who stay on the fence and expect me to guide them every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, why don't these old guys who "know everything about everything" just be like some other old guy with opinions - start a blog!!