Saturday, February 6, 2010

VANOC on the Buses

An elderly woman is seated on a city transit bus the other day.

She has her groceries on the seat beside her.

The bus is half empty.

Let me repeat.

The bus is half empty.

A young woman with VANOC marked all over her perfect self gets on, heads straight to the seated woman, and declares, "I want to sit there."

Not, "Excuse me, ma-am, but may I sit in that seat? Could you move those parcels please..." and anything like this.

And why there?

The bus is half empty.

Did I mention that?

The rude, privileged demand is hardly out of her mouth than the entire remaining passengers begin angrily and loudly chanting, "OFF VANOC! OFF VANOC! OFF VANOC!"

My friend, Donna, who told me this story yesterday, sees this incident as a clear and strong evidence of how so many Vancouverites are feeling about the arrogance of the VANOC Class.

I told her about a first year University professor I had about a thousand years ago, who came into class one bright winter morning and wrote in huge letters across the entire width of the blackboard, "CREDIT IS A SACRED TRUST."

He told us he had just seen this obscenity on a billboard in downtown Winnipeg.

He then ranted for an hour about the abuse of language, about putting spin on usury to make it holy.

This is how both Donna and I feel about "I believe."

Exactly what is it that Donald Sutherland and Bill Goo and all those other stooges believe?

I believe in God?

I believe in the divine right of Vancouver to host the Games?

I believe in free tickets? Little Upchuck? Red Mitties?

Pure shmarm.

Show me an athlete skiing or skating. Don't spend the entire budget to do it. Don't shut down social, health and education programs to pay for it. Don't declare yourself a "world class city." Don't raise Groupthink to Orwellian proportions.

Show me an athlete.

Keep it simple.


Evil Eye said...

VANOC and Gordo have turned the Olympics into a mass public 'feel good' public relations effort to prepare the public for massive tax and user fee increases this summer.

Gordo has bankrupted the province in his due diligence in selling off BC to his various and numerous business cronies.

The cupboard is bare and he needs the 2010 games to pretend he has actually done something.

BC Hydro is being purposely bankrupted by Gordo.

The real story about the RAV/Canada Line will soon be told in the hundreds of lawsuits being laid against TransLink for cut-and-cover subway construction.

The Gateway project is slowly loosing public support as more and more people see it as a sop to the trucking industry and to get farmland out of the ALR.

The world economy is extremely shaky and as container traffic is down 14% at Vancouver ports. The prospect for improvement in the next few years is nil and when the Panama Canal widening project is complete in 2 years, fewer container ships will come to Vancouver. Gateway is a White Elephant.

The forest industry is at deaths door and the coastal fish-farm have all but destroyed wild salmon stocks.

Sleaze and corruption is endemic with this government and the Olympics are supposed to get the masses occupied with sport rather than Gordo's government.

So Bill Boring and his band of Liberal elites at NW 98 call everyone who questions the Olympics naysayers.

But Bill boring calls anyone who questions any of the above problems naysayers.

I think VANOC and those who cheerlead for VANOC are going to get a very rough ride in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

David, you have a knack for making me angry. I seldom ever ride public transit. My limited experience has been unpleasant. I do not just sit still when someone is rude . I wish that the vanoc bimbo ( I decided not to use bitch) was to find herself beside someone like myself . I guarantee that she would regret telling me to move anything anywhere.

As far as the I believe crap its a slogan that might prove to be a bad choice. Try to forget may be the slogan soon enough.

Your right of course if it were the best athletes (not pro hockey players) maybe it would be interesting. But its just about the money. Sadly this year there isnt any money. These games stick out like a sore thumb. When the economy was booming they were just a waste. With todays economic conditions they are a bizzare spectacle.

The other thing that really makes me sick is the idea that we must be happy because there are free things to see and do.
What they really mean is "Look we know that this whole gig is for the rich and famous but the morons will stare in wonder at shiney objects"


Anonymous said...


I've heard from friends of similar stories of VANOC employees wanting to butt into lines at Starbucks and other such places. Where do these people get the nerve?

Dave C. said...


If VANOC would consider making it a sentence completion contest for Oly tickets, my entry would be: "I believe expensive advertising will trump reality every time".


Chris M said...

Every time I see one of those horrid ads 'I believe', I have this thought that the Stepford Wives and Husbands have taken over Canada.
Glassy eyed and robotic. Submissive and docile.
How else can anybody explain believing in ????

Anonymous said...

So, one billion is being spent on security for the Games. Can anyone give me a breakdown about where this money is coming from?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Olympics, has the 2 tons of ammonium nitrate been found yet? Anyone got any more info about that?

Gary L. said...

According to the Schedule, there is a bus leaving at 10:00 PM.
I would suggest Miss "Perfect Self" be under it..............


Anonymous said...

Can Donna please verify how she knew the said person was a VANOC employee?

There's a lot of volunteers around the city in the periwinkle blue jackets...