Saturday, March 27, 2010

Laundry Bin?


365, I guess.

That would be the working hours of the new hotel-casino complex that will soon be built downtown near B.C. Place.

Is there some other known form of "entertainment" with that kind of licensing, or that kind of business model?

I mean other than hooking?

Listen to the Premier babbling on in all directions at once:

"We do have a better quality of casino which actually provides, I think, for entertainment opportunities, cultural opportunities..."

Cultural opportunities?

He's always opening some new giant gaggle or other, while quietly - oh so quietly - closing down dental care for poor children.

And have you seen the model for this playground?

Ugly, unimaginative, architecture from the '50s.

Come about a giant bagel or dollar bill.

Where's the water slide?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I listened/watched his little speech on TV. When he came to the word "cultural" - I actually yelled at the TV (him). Culture and the gambling casino in the same sentence?
I worked in the Marine Building in the 60s. I used to really enjoy a leisurely lunch hour stroll to Robson Street or the little Jewish Deli (forget the street) where a lot of business guys and gals went for the *best* corned beef sandwiches. I liked the city..then. I was young - perhaps that is part of it. Do we become jaded as we age - or wiser?

Too soon old
Too late smart

I'm rambling, I know.


Evil Eye said...

David, this is not about tourism - it is about laundering drug money! In BC it is easy to do, just like operating a grow-op!

Campbell want the BC government in on the action!

Captain Phil Evans said...

I wouldn't mind a water slide downtown. Mind you - you'd have to take off your Birkenstocks to ride.