Saturday, March 27, 2010


I really think America has gone mad,

Folks walk into Starbucks with loaded firearms and not only think that's ok, but insist that it is their God-given right.

Maybe they'll shoot you if you disagree.

Maybe you'd enjoy a cup of coffee without Silverado playing out before your eyes.

Folks who don't approve of the President's Health Care reforms REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DON'T APPROVE.

They call this Obamacare and other epithets and they threaten violence against...well, against anyone who disagrees with them, including fools who have had the nerve to run for public office and get elected and vote on what they believe is necessary and good.

And now, Sarah Palin is back.

When she publishes a map targeting districts that need some good Republican votes, she puts the Democratic seat-holders in a rifle cross hairs. She thinks that's cute.

Palin is a scourge and a distraction.

She wouldn't know a cogent thought if she swallowed one.

She has "written" a "book" which 1,000,000 of her fellow Americans have bought and apparently read.

She draws huge adoring crowds wherever she goes.

She is an idiot and housewives and accountants love her.

I used to worship America.

For its movies and its music above all.

And then for its brash open unapologetic style.

I was always flattered when people mistook me for an American.

No longer.

I am afraid to fly from here to anywhere that might involve American air space, let alone touch down somewhere and brave the OK Corral of a coffee shop.


Evil eye said...

Our American friends are living in a FOOLS PARADISE and Sarah Palin is the chief fool. No Monty Python skit this!

Gary L. said...

David, I think that Sarah only coloured the book, she had someone that could spell commonly used words in the English language to actually write it.
This is a woman that believes that the Flintstones was actually a documentary, and tunes into American Idol to brush up on the News..........
Now back to regular Programming.


Anonymous said...

David, the fact that Ms Pallin is still in the public eye means one very important thing. In a country of 300 million there aren't enough people interested in public office. Its becoming a serious problem every where and for all levels of government.

The Provincial NDP need a leader and more MLAs. The Liberals need some new people at Federal and Provincial levels.

When you look at the quality of many North American politicians
you have to wonder why we can not attract better people.
Money? No future?


Anonymous said...

On behalf of housewives and accountants, we're insulted:) Hopefully we can recognize a clown when we see one but unfortunately, it's the clowns who want to run the show...

Anonymous said...

Words fail me. Actually they don't, however they would, for the most part, be unprintable.

My oft used "Jeeez!" will have to suffice.