Monday, March 8, 2010

And now, the Other News

Justine Hunter, writing from Victoria in the Globe this morning, points out the gritty specifics of how the provincial government will slowly release the various bits of bad news about its current budget.

You have diabetes and you are on income assistance.


No more blood-glucose meters for you.

"We felt these were frankly add-ons that weren't necessary to healthy living of folks on social assistance."

That's a quote from Rich Coleman, our hosing...uh, Housing and Social Development Minister.

Food banks and arts groups will get less money.

Your hydro bill will go up almost 10% in the coming days, and the huge surplus at ICBC that could have and should have been returned to drivers with good records, has instead been swiped by the government for general revenues.

Yes, the Olympics has changed us all.



Anonymous said...

To my way of thinking, Hell can't be made hot enough, nor any pit dug deep give this bunch what they truly have come to deserve.

Gerry Verrier said...

Maybe it should be suggested to the diabetics that they go demand free medical services at Insite. Hell, if a fiend can get free needles and a nurse to help inject drugs in a tidy clinic, then a diabetic should be able to receive the same treatment, and for free.