Thursday, March 18, 2010


1. Are we surprised that Blockbuster is on the ropes?

Not really.

Netflicks, vending machines and Cable downloads of current hits have made your corner store look like log cabins.

I'm always surprised when I see that they're still open.

2. What does "branding" mean?

Check out the quarterly reports for Nike.

In spite of the Tiger Tale. profits have DOUBLED.

I don't know about you but I will drive another 10 blocks and endure more service indifference from non-existent clerks to avoid buying the swoosh.

Fortunately, the brand doesn't need meanies like me.

I remember a few days after the SUV crash seeing a middle-aged paunchy Chinese man in a Chinese restaurant wearing his sporty TW/NIke ball cap and thinking, "Like they've got something to worry about...right!"


Gary L. said...

My Gawd, Blockbusters is on the ropes? Say it isn't so! I somehow feel responsible for this tragedy. I believe that I have rented 6 or 7 Movies in my life. Instead, I bought off-sets, at obscure book stores.

Gary L.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your first point about Blockbusters and it's failing business.

I personally use my small, family run video store within walking distance of my home. It seems everyone else in my neighbourhood uses this business too (not bothering with cable downloads, vending machines or mail orders like

The man who works full time remembers all his customers names ... and their children's names. He remembers what each person likes in the way of film. He is super knowledgable about films (all genres).

It is not a huge warehouse of a store (like Blockbusters or Rogers) - it is a tiny store in a small strip mall.

I love going out for a walk and stopping by on the way back home to pick up a movie. I usually see some neighbours in the shop and being served by the friendly staff is such a pleasure.

I like to think that people in all neighbourhoods are starting to enjoy their smaller shops (be it a small, family run restaurant over a chain restaurant, the neighbourhood corner store over the 7-11 or my local video store over Blockbuster). It's nice to have our daily business a part of the community and feel connected to both the business and the other customers in the store.

Can't get that from a vending machine, a cable download or a big box store like Blockbuster.

David Berner said...

Thank you for this excellent comment about small neighbourhood shops.

D'accordo...(I agree.)