Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Most Dangerous Man

Many of us cherish the belief that Psychiatrists are among the craziest and most dangerous class of people in society.

I appreciate that this is an unhealthy categorical thinking that could be construed as "hate."

Or just a gentle warning to always listen carefully.

Today's example is chilling.

Psychiatrist says Greyhound bus killer could be released inside of 5 years

Vince Li stabbed, decapitated and dismembered 22-year-old Tim McLean in front of nearly three dozen horror-stricken witnesses on board a Greyhound bus outside Portage la Prairie, Man., in July 2008.

Li was suffering from untreated schizophrenia and psychotic delusions at the time.

Li was found not criminally responsible during his trial in March 2009. A provincial panel ruled ten months ago that the Chinese immigrant must be confined indefinitely under heavy security at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

Dr. Stanley Yaren, Li's original psychiatrist, said Monday that his former patient is making good progress in treatment — and could be released into the community in a matter of years.

"It's really a guess," Yaren said. "But I'm going to say a time frame within five years is not unrealistic.

"Relatively speaking, his response to treatment . . . has been better than average, somewhat faster than usual."

Here is my question.

Is there any possible explanation for how completely out of touch this psychiatrist is with reality?

Is there any possible explanation for how this psychiatrist is allowed to continue to practice?


Anonymous said...

Well, um, let's see. He may be out of touch with reality because of partaking in "recreational" drugs for decades, or perhaps an anvil was dropped on him during his formulative years.
He is allowed to continue to practice because as you would say David, he is one of the "Chosen".
I remember two Psychiatrists passing in the hallway one morning. They tipped their hats, and said "goodmorning" to one another. They both spent the rest of the day in their respective offices wondering what in the hell the other one meant...............

Cheers, and enjoy the sunshine!
Gary L.

Anonymous said...

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Leah said...

"Is there any possible explanation for how this psychiatrist is allowed to continue to practice?"

Good question David, but don't look for any forthcoming answers. If said patient is let out any time within the next 5 years...his good doctor should be forced to share the same cell with him (for as long as he lives)...cuz I don't think for a moment he won't do something just as horrendous again if he's in the right place, with the wrong frame of mind. As in, he hasn't taken the medication he was apparently supposed to be on when this crime happened.

It's well past time for some of our "professionals" to live with the results of some of their professional choices.