Monday, March 15, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

People die in Avalanches in Canada every year.

Many people.

14 last year.

  • 2 - Confirmed deaths in the slide
  • 30 - Injured, including three seriously and one in critical condition
  • 150-200 - People directly in the path of the avalanche
  • 4 - Search-and-rescue teams at the site of the avalanche
  • 5 - Canine units deployed
  • 3 - Helicopters
  • 4 - Years the Big Iron Shootout has been held
  • 4 - Avalanche deaths in British Columbia backcountry so far this winter
  • 26 - Deaths in 2008-2009
  • 13 - Deaths in 2007-2008
  • 148 - Deaths over the past 11 years

The folks who took to the hills in their $75,000 toys this weekend were well aware of the dangers.

They were emailing one another in advance with warnings.

"....the insanely high avalanche danger that is going to play a HUGE (their caps) factor this weekend."

So, otherwise reasonable, sane adults - some of whom own 5 snowmobiles in one family - choose to do what they do.

Kash Heed is looking at regulation.

Good luck.

Why not give them a Safe Snowmobiling Site and provide medical staff to help them climb clean?


Anonymous said...

Foreign investors are borrowing Canadian dollars, at our extremely low interest rates, to invest in emerging markets.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Exactly. A safe snowmobiling site. Where, if the avalanche buries them, they have caring and qualified people standing by to dig them out or, if necessary, to call the coroner.

My heart breaks for any spouse or friend or other loved one who, knowing the avalanche risk, sanely begged his or her loved ones not to go but was dismissed as a worrywart.

Anonymous said...

Like my Granny used to say "you can't fix stupid"..........
"Too dumb to live" comes to mind as well.

Gary L.

Anonymous said...

Its against the law to be stupid in BC.

Gerry Verrier said...

Ahhh, David, I needed a good laugh considering it's monday and you provided me with a good gut buster. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not with my tax money.

Make them get insurance for their vehicles, and any parent whose kid was hurt in this avalanche should be charged with reckless endangerment.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, let the Albertans in the group stay in Alberta doing their thing. I have issues with my taxes going to pay for Albertan stupidity. It's not like there are no mountains in Banff or Lake Louise.