Monday, March 15, 2010

Peace, Order and Good Goverrnment

From the inside, it looks a mess.

Or how else to explain the Urge to Blog?

Bit from the Outside, Canada is veering very close to Heaven on Earth.

Not only are we much admired round the crazy spinning globe, but now those mad handicappers who like to bet long shots on currency are taking dead straight aim at the Loonie.


Well, like the headline suggests, we are seen as a reasonable and well-ordered people.

Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

David, if Canada is the safe place to invest it may be a default position.We have suffered less than most of the major world economies.

BUT I dont think that this will comfort the bottom of many seniority lists. Half of the people I work with have not worked a full pay period in months. I have two adult children that have both been laid off from good paying jobs. Everyone I know that is still working is being extra careful about spending.

So I guess I should be happy that some curreny speculators like what they see.
I suppose I should also be happy that suicide bombers are uncommon around here.

See how easy it is to have a glass half full.