Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In a classic Canadian non-decision, the beloved CRTC has declared that the fight between so-called local broadcasters and the cable companies can just darn well fight in some else's backyard.

In other word's, "We don't have a clue or any balls, so let the Supreme Court solve this one."

Which means that the "local TV matters" fisticuffs will go on for ages and, in the end, you the consumer will be paying more per month to watch those Seinfeld re-runs.

In spite of this clear refusal to man up and solve anything, the CRTC receives massive praise this morning from John Doyle in the Globe.

The CRTC justifies its existence

Complain all you like, but it’s just shown why we need it

But keep in mind, that Mr. Doyle spends all his time watching television and taking it seriously and writing about TV programs every day.

That's got to affect your mind somehow.


Anonymous said...

David you nailed it. CRTC is a waste of taz payers resources.

Gary L. said...

Well, I have been trying to follow this debate from the start, but I am too thick headed to really get a grasp on it.
I hope that none of it will minimize the 1.3 billion dollars that we taxpayers are handing over to the C.B.C. annually.
I would hate to see Ron James, David Suzuki, or Rick Mercer take a cut in pay...................