Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let Us Not Forget

The notorious Air India case – the bloodiest unsolved crime in Canadian history – will be back in the spotlight Wednesday with the start of jury selection for a trial on the rare charge of perjury against former Vancouver Island mechanic Inderjit Singh Reyat.

It is charged that he lied under oath 27 times.

The killers of 331 people walk free, in large measure thanks to this man's testimony.

May some measure of justice be found in this matter.

It's only been 25 years since this obscenity occurred.


Anonymous said...

Let it go, David. This is Multicultiland and blowing up airplanes is part of some people's culture. Mustn't be racist now.

David Berner said...


That is either the dumbest comment I've ever heard or a really bad joke.

Justice is not about race or color.

One doesn't "let go" of certain things.

Certain things are to be remembered, and, if ever possible, corrected.

Anonymous said...

"Certain things are to be remembered, and, if ever possible, corrected."
And that happens exactly when? After 26 years? After 30?
Don't hold your breath, Mr Genius.