Wednesday, March 3, 2010


HST = Health Care?


It's the Health Saving tax?

This is news.

Yet this is what Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell would have us believe.

In delivering the Provincial Budget, Mr. Hansen was determined that we come away pillowed by the comforting thought that the new tax would really be all for Health.

In the words of that famous parliamentarian, John McEnroe, "You can't be serious!""

But listen to the Good Minister's language:

“We need to find ways that can help demonstrate to average British Columbians the connection between the tax dollars they pay and the services they get.”


"You are stupid and we have to 'splain stuff to you, You Average Donkey You.


Thanks, Boss.

Look, revenues are down, expenditures are up and the whole world is struggling through the same identical mire. Ontario, Greece, London and no doubt the Maldives are all in the same sweaty tank.

We get it, thanks. We got it.

But you don't have to keep pulling these tired cheesy old circus tricks, guys.


Evil Eye said...

Oh by the way, welcome back, you were much missed!


Evil Eye said...

Lies, lies, and Gordo's Liberals. This outfit thinks we are all stupid, but we have news for them, as I think the average "Joe" is getting tired of the faux right wing (nut) party and are beginning to see it as it really is: A boss Tweed "I'm in it for me" type of party run by con-men and loan sharks.

Sad fact is we have the Village idiot leading Her Majesties Loyal opposition, which makes it 'open house' for all the Liberal ne'er do wells to rape the taxpayer.