Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The Canadian Booksellers Association wants Canada to reject Amazon from opening a distribution centre here.

The Canadian Booksellers Association is mostly Heather Reisman, as in Heather's Picks, as in Chapters/Indigo.

This is the leviathan that ate your neighbourhood independent book store with the support and backing of her millionaire husband.

In place of some one you once knew and could talk with about books, you are now faced with a Costco/Home Depot/Safeway book buying experience.

Which is why I buy most of my books from the few remaining little stores that exist - and from Amazon.com.

You know why I buy from Amazon.com?

It's cheaper and faster and more pleasant.

Search, click, buy.

Less than a week later, the book's in my mailbox.

It's interesting to watch Heather kvetch.

The problems of the Canadian book writing, publishing and selling businesses will not be resolved by keeping Amazon out of the dominion.


ary L. said...

A belated welcome home David!
I too am an avid Amazon client, and I also search out small independently owned Book Stores.
Heather Reisman would not like me............... but, that's alright, I'll get over it.

Norman Farrell said...

Heather is not just Indigo/Chapters and the Canadian Booksellers Assoc. She's part of the influential Reisman clan and spouse of Gerald Schwartz, CEO of Onex Corp. Don't bet against these folks.

Anonymous said...

Just look to the Tofino example. Ban them ban them ban them.

Laurie said...

As for Chapters, may the bookstore experience be reborn. Here's a bookstore on my "Must See Someday list... ."

Laurie Kingdon