Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Playgrounds, the environment, adult sports and adult arts and culture are OUT.

The Evergreen Line - with no money to fund it - is IN.

The suits at the Board of Trade lunch are cheering madly.

Life Under Campbell continues at a healthy pace.


Anonymous said...

Life Under Campbell: Acronym LUC -- more like bad luc(k) for the citizens of B.C. I say!

I can't tell you how much I love seeing Campbell's mug whenever it appears -- my favorite was his maniacal smile while he wildly waved a rather large Canadian flag at the 2010 Closing Ceremonies. Harper's wife had to move away to avoid being 'slapped' by his flag (no pun intended).



Anonymous said...


You mean that place in my neighbourhood where I bring my five year old and three year old to climb, run and socialize with other kids? You mean the place where parents/caregivers of all demographic backgrounds in the community have a chance to meet informally and chat while we play with the kids?

Government information, provided by our health care nurses, suggest that children should have 45 minutes of activity (such as climbing, running, jumping, skipping, etc). Unless someone can afford to go to a private playcenter (usually out-of-neighbourhood)- this is accomplished at Ye Olde Playground.

This is extremely short sighted on the part of this Liberal government. It discourages healthy lifestyles. It discourages community participation.

Evil Eye said...

The Evergreen Line is in, because Bombardier can't sell SkyTrain. So Bombardier drops a little incentive for the Liberal Party coffers and Viola, hocus-pocus - you have an Evergreen Line.

If you really want to bang your head against a wall, read what an American Transit Expert has to say about the business case for the Evergreen Line!

"The Evergreen Line Report made me curious as to how TransLink could justify continuing to expand SkyTrain, when the rest of the world is building LRT. So I went back and read the alleged “Business Case” (BC) report in a little more detail. I found several instances where the analysis had made assumptions that were inaccurate, or had been manipulated to make the case for SkyTrain. If the underlying assumptions are inaccurate, the conclusions may be so too"

For the entire enchilada:


Anonymous said...

the best part of the Olympic closing ceremony was Campbell being boooooooooooed after he was introduced by Furlong.