Thursday, March 11, 2010

Plant Me, Baby

This is the way we spend your money, spend your money, spend your money...

Somewhere in federal offices, there are two potted plants that cost taxpayers $975 each, a $1,000 doorbell and three rolling blinds worth $1,400.

And that's not even mentioning the $1,000 charge to remove and reconnect a light switch.

QUESTION: How many Tories does it take to change a light switch?

ANSWER: We don't know, but the bill is a cool grand.

And all of this, which the Federal government has actually stood up in Parliament and defended with straight faces, goes to their favorite building managers SNC-Lavalin.

The group oversees some 320 federal properties across the land.

Whose cousin are they?

How did they get all this biz?

Does anybody monitor their performance?

Can you say, "Corruption?" Boys and Girls.

But soft...

It's just that we don't understand the issues.

You see...

Charlie Rate, executive vice-president at SNC-Lavalin, acknowledged that “$1,000 sounds ridiculous for a doorbell.” However, he explained the cost included a voltage transformer and 15 metres of wiring, as well as drywall and a paint job.

“You get up to that number quite quickly,” Mr. Rate said. “These are justifiable when you look at the details behind them.”

Regarding the two exotic plants, he explained the pots included irrigating systems, and that the total cost included delivery and fertilizing, among other things.

Now, aren't we feeling better?

Irrigating systems and fertilizing, right.

With real good manure, no doubt.

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Anonymous said...

David it is painfully obvious that most politicians do not understand the value of a buck. While on a personal level most Canadians struggle to make ends meet our governments ( all levels) seem to think the tax payers are willing to do as were told and shut up.

They are dead right.

We as Canadians do not seem to be willing to say enough is enough. The fact that we constantly vote for the least offensive party because none of them show any promise is dismal.

A flat tax, amalgamate thousands of bureaucrats. Clamp down on crime. Stop unfettered immigration
. At every level of government reward success with incentives and punish failure with pink slips.
Make them accountable for every penny spent. Every criminal released.

Not one political party in this country at any level has the will to say government is way to big. We need to downsize.