Friday, March 12, 2010

Cellular Division

The other day I wrote about the town of Tofino, which wants no Starbucks, Tim Hortons or Big Macs clouding up its pristine landscape.

As usual, some people called me names.

(There are many among us who know only one way of disagreeing with someone - make a personal attack. They are called children.)

Well, get out the insults, because I've found another little paradise that wants to pull a Brigadoon and stay out of the calendar.

It's the lovely little village of New Denver in the Kootenay Mountain/Slocan Valley neighbourhood.

I've stayed there overnight on a bicycle trip. I like it a lot.

New Denver doesn't want cell phones.

And Telus, being the giant monster that it is, can't brook that idea.


So Entwhistle and Co. have gone to all the right authorities to get the RIGHT to do business in New Denver.

The towers are going up as we speak.

Soon the 600 people in New Denver can walk into moving traffic while texting just like everyone else in the so-called civilized world.

One of the "progressives" claims that B&B's and Inns and coffee shops are losing thousands of dollars because tourists won't come to a place with no cell service.


Cells are an obsession.

Idiots can't see the trees and the architecture in front of them because they must talk and text.

I welcome some No Cell Zones.

Stay small, New Denver.

It's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Cell phones are an obsession David. Not unlike bottles of water.
Can't people step out their door in the morning without either?
Apparently not.
I make a phone call before I leave the house, and have a glass of water if necessary.
I stopped needing pacifyers a long, long time ago..........
I am waiting for the Industry Giants to invent a Cell Phone that dispenses water..........

Gary L.

Anonymous said...

Over here on Salt Spring, there are numerous neighbourhoods that have begged and pleaded with Shaw and Telus to bring in high speed internet. No way those corps will bring us this much wanted service. Now I am wondering if we have the wrong aproach. We should be lobbying to have it banned. Then it may just be rammed down our throats!

I say, shame on Telus and Shaw.