Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Vigil


Gary L. said...

Thank you for that David! Cup of coffee, sun shining on a budding garden outside the window, and Diana! Ah, life is good.
I noticed a study in comparisons as well. On the top of today's Blog is the picture of Diana. Below it, on yesterday's Post, is a picture of Sarah Palin.
The question that springs to mind is: are they both from the same planet? Are they from related species?
I shall spend the rest of the day pondering..........


Lisa A. said...

Hi david,
I have not gotten your blog since Thursday march 25th. I hope your still out there.

Have a good afternoon.

Lisa A.

Anonymous said...

Wowsa! Late night browsing and I get to listen to Diana. I think she is absolutely terrific. Have always preferred her when compared to Holly Cole, although some I know do not. Thanks David.