Saturday, April 24, 2010

Am I Seeing Straight?

Many people, especially seniors, cannot afford glasses or visits to the optometrist.

That's why you have been able to buy ready-mades off the revolving shelf at your local drug store for years now.

Nevertheless, there is still something mighty peculiar when that arbiter of all things healthy, Kevin Falcon, Not M.D., decides to open up the glasses and contact lenses market to online shoppers and shippers.

Does this not impress as just the good minister's weekly announcement about deregulation and private plans and free enterprise principles in the wonderful world of health care?

It's strange.

This latest maneuver may or may not be a good one, but Falcon is so consistent that I have become unable to swallow anything he chooses to out dish.


Anonymous said...

I mentioned this bad idea a few blogs ago. If the minister of stupidity wants to allow us to get healthy online then I will set up a web site with home remedies for everything from A to Z. I will sell the down loadable dvds for $9.95 plus S&H. Free to the first 50 emailers. I am especially proud of our how to do open heart surgery on your self with the help of a black and decker workmate.

Norman Farrell said...

This may start a trend in other trades as well. Self-trained legal beagles providing cut-rate on-line legal aid. Public schools closed and lessons given by YouTube videos. School examination questions could be given and answered by txtng.

Anonymous said...

Norman, I fear you are giving us glimpses of our future.


Dave C. said...


Isn't this just the BC Liberals version of laissez-faire capitalism? A culture of "buyer beware" instead of "informed consent". Presumably, Falcon et al are prepared to be sued for incorrect and/or missed diagnoses.

Could we not create a website which (for a nominal fee) would allow the public to vote for their local MLA? Would save us a lot of electioneering, bribes and corruption, and generate some much-needed revenues. Let's "dispense" with political parties. They never do what they've promised anyway.


Anonymous said...

eye examinations used to be covered by the Medical Services Plan, but no longer for the last five years.
Eyeglasses have since become very expensive, except for the past year when this mail order company came on the scene.
I got the impression optometrists were getting kickbacks from the higher priced glasses.
When eyeglasses get too expensive, lower income people stop replacing them, and consequently stop having eye exams.