Saturday, April 24, 2010

Get Serious

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

And I predicted it.

Sure enough, right as rain, the Globe has a front page story and two full pages of coverage on how MOST Sikhs are really wonderful, peaceful law-abiding citizens and it's only "that handful" of meanies and scallywags who are causing all the trouble.

This is apparently necessary because of a) the on-going death threats to Ujjal Dosanjh and b) the lovely fights that broke out recently in two Ontario Sikh temples.

Of course, police had to be called.

In the little dust up at the Brampton house of worship, machetes. hammers and axes made sudden miraculous appearances.

That's machetes, hammers and axes.

Of course.

We always go to temple armed to the teeth.

I've got an idea.

Instead of rushing to assure us that everything's alright, everything's fine and "the majority are shamed by the brutality of the few," how about that majority of peace-loving Canadian citizens get their hysterical "few" to stop with the death threats and harvesting and woodworking tools taken to the place of quiet contemplation and meditation?

How about the majority make it very clear to "the few" that their heinous behaviour is both unwelcome and illegal and that it will not be tolerated?


Anonymous said...

I will be going to church sometime tomorrow. I can see having a machete and a hammer but I cant think of any need for the axe.

Gavin said...

I know you're not on Facebook (probably for good reasons) but the Facebook page started by a young militant Sikh is horribly revealing and I spent over an hour checking out the comments recently. The page is called "Ujjal Dosanjh is a Sikh Traitor" and features hundreds of comments that are very revealing of the different and divisive attitudes within this community not only about the stance of the moderate Dosanjh but of the Indian nation which many seem to think is run by Nazi-like thugs who want to eliminate Sikhs. It seems that many Sikhs wish to move on from the events in 1984 (and before) but many simply cannot and not only want a separate country but revenge as well. The sad part is that many of these attitudes have been brought to Canada where one would like to think that old wars, feuds,and negative attitudes would be cast aside in the pursuit of a fresh new start. Sadly this hasn't happened in so many cases.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how weapons turn up in the most interesting churches, mosques and temples. Seems the thugs and bullies of the world just can't resist getting religion to help their nasty doings. From the IRA to the NRA, from Amritsar to Okalahoma (and even shipping bombs by air,) and somehow it is never the perps fault but the victims. More money and time is spent finding a legal excuse to let the 'alleged' criminal(s) walk than really deal with them. The rule of law and civilized behaviour only works for those who buy into the rule of law. The rest use it to do evil.