Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Animal Farm

Let's see if I understand this.

The BC government is going to add to our tax woes by hitting us over the head soon with the so-called Harmonized (mmmmmmm...) Sales Tax.

But that's not enough of a punishment.

Now Colin Hansen has decided to spend our tax money on a government mail-out to every blessed household in the realm to explain how wonderful the HST is and how evil the NDP is for saying otherwise.

First they tax us and then they spend our money to tell us that taxing us is good.

Where is George Orwell when you really need him.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gordo

I have said it before but after seeing the news tonite Ive had it. Now its the eye doctors. Kevin the quack Falcon told me that I dont need a doctor to look after my eyes. I have eye problems and if it were not for qualified eye care I might be blind .

ICBC profits turned into a tax increase.
BC Rail
Corrupt top cops.

The list is endless. So once again I will hold my nose and I will even support Carole James.

Pause while I swallow my pride.

But Mr Premier read this. Back down on the HST. Scrap deregulation of eye doctors. Scrap site C dam.
Build a nuclear power plant the size of Stanley Park. {See we can still piss off the green crowd without flooding all that land). Keep your promise and get rid of ICBC. I will over look everything else and vote for you Gordo.

Please dont make me go back to the NDP