Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

"It tarnishes the community. It tarnishes the South Asian people and it tarnishes the city. And it’s unacceptable.

That's Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts, the best Mayor and possibly the best politician in Canada right now, speaking about the famous Sikh parade.

Madame Mayor rocks.


diverdarren said...

Politicians "currying favour with a large voting block." Umm... there's the problem right there. These cultural groups who live in concentrations that can actually effect the swing of the vote are very attractive to politicians. Whether it be like minded religious groups, or gay groups, or any group. Getting a politician to stay away is like getting a wasp to stay away from a picnic. So I say good job to Campbell and Watts who says Sikh extremism is not acceptable.

Now, where is the condemnation for violence from the Sikh leadership? Where is the internal strength of character in the Sikh community, that says we have accepted our new home, and Canadian values. Tossing away the old battles of the homeland they left behind. Or, are they only interested in continuing the extremism, violence and anti-India rhetoric here?

Dave C. said...


What some folks seem to have missed is that Watts met with the organizers of the parade during the year and was assured (according to the press report yesterday) that the extremist element would not be allowed to enter a float recognizing Sikh martyrs.

Given that assurance, she attended the parade only to discover that the organizers either lied about their promise, or they had no control over the extremist group. To show her displeasure she left. In my opinion, her message to the Sikh community was clear. Disavow violence if you expect to be trusted and accepted by the majority of Canadians.

What troubles me is that the majority of Sikhs may be as intimidated by their extremist element as the rest of us are. Watts is setting a good example for all of us, which is what a leader should do.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. Ms Watts does not rock. She panders. I understand that without the South Asian support Ms Watts would not stand a snowballs chance in India of getting reelected.

Its not easy to make Gordo look good but she did. To show up and protest after the fact about the terrorist heroes means that terrorists are okay as long as I get your votes.

Its to bad because she seems to be a smarter than average politician. If she were Mayor of West or North Vancouver maybe she ... No come to think of it she would have to pander to the Iranian voters.