Saturday, April 17, 2010


Idiots texting their lives away have now another thing to worry about.

Wait for it.

It's a beaut.

Here it is.

Thumb injuries.


Will our medical plans have to cover this?

Will specialists be born in Faculties of Medicine?

Hey there, sexy. What are you into?

Thumbs, Man. It's the going thing.

I was thinking about Texting Nation the other day as I watched people walking, sitting, eating, driving, no doubt, shtupping, and texting at the same time.

I was thinking how so many people are so easily duped into being mindless consumers.

Whatever bag of horse plop comes along, why I gotta have it.

F---, Man, I gotta have two.

It is truly pathetic to see how many millions of people cannot stop this addiction.

Hi Everyone. My name's David and I'm a Text Addict.

Hey Dave. Wait to go, Dave. Tell it like it is, Dave.

Nobody calls me Dave.

Moments from Text Anonymous.

Nobody in coffee shops reads. They socialize, work on computers, talk on cells or text, text, text.

"Text," the Broadway musical.

"Text," the ABC reality TV show.

"Text" - name of my new dog.

You should see how he indicates "W!"

By the way...

On a personal note...

Me no text.

Me no know how to text.

Me no want to text.

Me happy in ancient cave.


Gary L. said...

We are with you David. There isn't any texting going on in our lives. Neither of us even own an umbilical cord, er, um, I mean a cell phone.
I have just recently procured a touch-tone phone. I was getting chest pains after dialing the bigger numbers on our rotary dial............


David Berner said...


I've been thinking for some time now getting like a Mickey Mouse home phone with GIGANTIC touch numbers.

But i only want it if the ears vibrate when the phone rings.

Stuart S. said...

Thank God for a kindred spirit David. I hate the damn things too. They're nothing but an electronic leash designed to enslave everyone to 'the man.' I'll go you even one better, I still have manual crank down windows in my truck.

Gary L. said...

Luxury! I dream of having windows.

Judie said...

I love my iPhone. I can't wait to get an iPad! I love my Macs!!!!!!!!! All four of them!

I love having information at my fingertips with my iPhone. I love being able to be in touch with those I need to be in touch with - i.e. family - immediately.

I love being able to text someone in a few seconds rather than spend WAY too much time on a phone call to achieve the same result. If I want to chat I'll call someone - otherwise, just text me the info. :)

It takes all kinds.............. :)