Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Bond is Our Word?

Goldman Sachs has been a gold-plated crook for some time now.

Yesterday it didn't have a really good day.

It lost about 12 and half BILLION dollars.

That's because the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a civil lawsuit against the Wall Street giant.

Saying they sold a poop can designed to fail.

The only thing shocking about this revelation is how long it has taken authorities to get moving on the case.


Norman Farrell said...

David, a few minutes of online reading will demonstrate that the shocking thing is actually that any action is contemplated. Goldman Sachs invested heavily in influence futures. In fact, some thought they had cornered the market.

Be certain that if the Bushies were still in the White House, the SEC and Justice Department would be much quieter.

The laughter we hear is coming from Mr. Paulson who supposedly cleared between $3 billion and $4 billion for himself while allegedly "doing nothing illegal."

Really needed are indictments of every legislator who made those laws possible.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm .... there is another view of this out there.

Norman Farrell said...
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Anonymous said...

Lehman, Greenspan, Geitner, Paulson, AIG, Fanny and Freddie, so many crooks so little justice

Good luck to the middle class in America. They will suffer the consequences of those financial institutions greed for many many years.