Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cluck, cluck. City Calling!

Apartment dwellers will not be allowed to keep chickens on their patios.

This is one of the rules.

And what a relief it is.

This is a part of a 36-page report from city staff to city council.

This is what your city does.

The rules are very detailed, and don't worry if you get tired of having chickens in your yard after a while.

Someone on Saltspring Island is starting a retirement home for chickens.


Anonymous said...

The private sector does not need the competition!

Anonymous said...

You seem cynical. Maybe you should come and have a visit with my 3(not quite legal yet) chickens. They are the worst kept secret in my neighbourhood. I get asked lots of questions and I have had nothing but positive feedback regarding my girls.

I provide them with love, food, water and a great place to live and in return, they provide me with entertainment along with manure and fabulous eggs which I occasionally share with friends and family.

I should point out that as the bylaws stand right now, I could legally have 12 ostriches (they count as exotic birds, do they not?) on my property, but 0 chickens.

There are SO many more worthy issues at all levels of government to twist one's knickers about, why waste energy over the tiny portion of the Vancouver population who will keep chickens?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who knows exactly what people will do with their old chickens? They'll wring their necks, not giving a damn about the birds' suffering. Only caring about what's convenient for them. You know it's true. Why isn't anyone saying it?! It's not just about the eggs, people!!!!