Saturday, April 3, 2010

How It Works

So he's a big Liberal donor.

And ICBC Chair.

And former Chair of BC Lottery.

And involved with Paragon Developments.

And an Edgewater Casino shareholder.

So what if he calls a provincial government cabinet minister with some warnings about how projects may or may not go if certain things are or are not done?

No Problem!

This is Supernatural British Columbia.

Where a little discreet call from the right guy to another right guy is not called Corruption, it's called Business as Usual.

Just one question, if we may.

Do the teachers or the nurses or the doctors or the addiction workers have this kind of grease? This kind of access?



What a strange place this GordoLand is.


RossK said...

Thanks for linking to Jonathan Fowlie's piece in the VSun David.

However, you and your readers should be cognizant of the fact that the original digging, and ALL of the original reporting, on this story did not come from the Sun.

Instead, as Vaughn Palmer himself acknowldedged in his column yesterday, it came from Sean Holman at Public Eye.

Folks should also be aware that Mr. Holman does it all on his own with only his readers' help.

So, if you value true investigative reporting on provincial matters that actually matter, head on over to Mr. Holman's place....Scroll down to the bottom of the post at the top of the page, and subscribe!

For anyone interested, my latest take on the Casino Royale Fiasco can be found here.


Evil Eye said...

It is so sad that Vancouver's mainstream media have been cuckolded by the BC Liberal party.

It is so sad that Palmer, Smyth and Baldry have to plagiarize the various blogs for their stories.

It is so sad that the public have been treated as morons by Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP.

We live in evil times and it is ever so sad that the public do not realize this!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm curious. The corruption of the Liberal government seems pretty obvious. But the corruption of the journalists is truly troublesome.

What do you think David? Is Ross K correct in what he says?


Anonymous said...

If education or good health gave big rewards, we would see schools and hospitals being built instead of stadiums and casinos.
The priorities are sports and gambling. That's where the big money is.
Is it any surprise that's how this works?
I don't know what to do to change it...

David Berner said...

"I don't know what to do to change it."

I do.

Change the government.

Elect a government that understands that business and social services like education and health are equally important.

David Berner said...

Sean Holman is terrific and his blog has been part of my blog list (to the right hand margin for the past two or more years.

But I do not think of the newspaper columnists as "corrupted."

Most that I know are hard-working and completely independent.

Most are unafraid to speak plainly.

RossK said...

Columnists are one thing David, but as you know so well, investigative reporters are a different species altogether.

Now, regarding the lack of the latter working on this matter....

To the best of my knowledge, as of this writing on the afternoon of Tuesday Apr 6th, not one single truly investigatory piece has been published other than those from Mr. Holman.

Mr. Fowlie's piece, which you cited in the original post, was essentially a rehash of what Holman had already published which was then followed by a bit of 'he said/she said' journalism because Mr. Turner granted Mr. Fowlie an exclusive interview in which he contradicted the Minister responsible for the Marshmallow, Mr. Krueger, unchallenged.

Mr. Fowlie's piece was published late Thursday, and then it just sat there during the entire long weekend, with essentially Nada for four days straight, now going on five.

Oh, and according to Mr. Holman he himself asked for an interview with Mr. Turner last week but was turned down flat due to an allegedly fully-booked schedule that made it impossible for him, Mr. Turner, to talk to Mr. Holman through Good Friday.....


David - people will NOT work and actively vote to change the government if they come to see things like this as no big deal/just the way things are done. That's why real, sustained investigative reporting is required to ensure that matters such as these do not disappear down the rabbit hole of 'gotcha for a day'-type stories of true triviality.

Heckfire, even Harvey O is calling for a full scale inquiry.


RossK said...

Late Wed, Apr 7th...

Mr. Holman has just expanded the timeline of events considerably.

His latest bombshell is here.