Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cut the Fat, Not the Programs

At the top of the local news are two announcements that add volumes to the picture of the provincial government and its priorities.

B.C. health authorities asked to slash $45-million from budget

Vancouver board to lay off dozens of staff, close school, drop 10 days

Both stories are worth a read.

Both stories should be balanced against recent news about Big New Casinos and Hotels, New Roof for the Stadium and all the other MONUMENTAL distractions in Gordo Land.

But let's focus on that first story, the one about Health Minister Kevin Falcon telling everyone to tighten their belts.

If only he had the faintest idea what he was talking about.

There is a new program here in this province that helps people with very difficult problems. I am being circumspect about this program because I admire their work and I don't want to cause them any more troubles than they already have. Now this program has been in business for decades in other jurisdictions, where they receive block funding for their excellent work. But, here in enlightened British Columbia, where we have all these munificent Health Authorities, every single person that enters this program for help is fought over by 14 different levels of government. Payments and authorities are delayed, beds are left empty and the suffering stay out on the street because of bureaucratic meddling of the worst and silliest kind. If Mr. Falcon would like to save money, I can show him how in three minutes. Not only would he save money, he'd get real work done and get real help to real people who need it. I'll tell you what I won't be doing the next few days. I won't be waiting by my phone holding my breath.

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I still feel for his bride look at that mug