Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sshhhh...we're Canadians, Part 9,876,243

Congratulations Canada!

We have come up with a new oxymoron - one that will rival even Liquor Control Board.

It is called The Afghanistan Public Interest Hearings.

The only problem - and the thing that qualifies this little side show for oxy status - is that these "Public Hearings" are being held in secret.

Not only have the media and the public (Remember them? Yech! Dirt under their fingernails, dontcha know?) been barred from these august proceedings, but the Military Police Complaints Commission hung a curtain, or veil, across the doors so that nobody could even glimpse the party inside.

Now let's focus on the 'reasoning' here.

It's an old familiar one.

It's the one that is always a give-away.

It always tells us that the stench of mendacity is high.

Here is comes...


Whenever you hear that old saw being hauled out of the cupboard, head for the hills and grab the ammunition as you go.

The Globe editorial nails it today with their piece aptly titled

Public interest goes private

Read it and re-discover the people you have elected.

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