Friday, April 30, 2010



Before using BLAAST-OFF, please consult your doctor.

BLAAST-OFF is not advised for people with 10 toes, plumbers or bridge players holding more than 27 high card points and aiming for a small slam.

Be advised that using BLAAST-OFF may result in loss of rental property, the ability to appreciate baroque music - in particular the fugue - and control over a neighbour's toy poodles.

If you are pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or deeply jealous of all women at the supermarket who are pregnant, BLAAST-OFF is not a sharp idea.

Remember that using BLAAST-OFF could cause some of your favorite body parts and organs to simply halt by the roadside. every other conceivable way, BLAAST-OFF is a modern miracle, it is practically the second coming of You Know Who and you should consider yourself among the privileged few that you can get your snivelly little paws on some.


Dave C. said...


Priceless! And if it lasts more than four hours, have a BLAAST-OFF?


Evil Eye said...

Some of the side effects scare me more than the supposed disease they are supposed to treat.

The American a pill treats all routine is what is very scary.