Friday, April 30, 2010

To Your Own Self Be True


It couldn't happen to a nicer government.

Hoisted on their own petard.

The Gordo gang was poised to spend $2 Million of your tax dollars - money that could have gone to music programs in schools, for example - on a modest little mail-out to tell us stupid peons what a savory and good thing is the HST.


Elections B.C. has declared that a foul ball and it is simply something up with which it will not put.

Colin Hansen is fuming and he wants a copy of all Elections B.C. rulings in the past 400 years dropped on Bill van der Zalm's head.

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Evil Eye said...

David, there is so much wrong with our present provincial government that to stay civil, it is hard to write anything.

When a government believes in their own infallibility and their own divine destiny, it is on the verge of being a dictatorship.

When a government calls itself a democracy but thwarts the 'public' at every turn with clearly undemocratic processes, it is on the verge of being a dictatorship.

When the government so perverts the mainstream media that only 'puff' and friendly stories are reported, we live on the verge of being a dictatorship.

It is my belief the the present government is of course a legal government, but it has ceased to be a legitimate government. To say we have to wait three years to change it is a travesty of the very democracy we are supposed to live in.

What Gordon Campbell has done is turn BC into a Corporatist state, where the rules favour corporations and the political elites. A Corporatist State is a Fascist state. This is very dangerous, as the rest of the population is in turmoil, a seething mass of hatred to the present corporatist state.

If Gordo and his crew reject the HST petition, watch out, the peons are going to revolt, just like Thailand, the dispossed will challenge the present illegitimate government.

It will fail, but will sow even more hatred and loathing on a discredited political system and change will be demanded. If no change, then watch out, there could be some very nasty events happening here in BC within the next 5 years.

The actions of Gordo the Great, may very well lead to some very unhappy events in BC's short and sordid history.