Friday, April 9, 2010

This is How They Spend Your Money

Did you know that Parliament’s Board of Internal Economy, which governs the use of all wireless devices, allows every MP to dispense four of those devices to whomever they see fit?

And that many, many, many MPs give one to their spouse.

The MP in this case is Helena Guergis, Minister of State for the Status of Women.

Make that former Minister, etc.

Because as of a few hours ago, she has resigned.

The lovely spouse/louse in this case id Guergis husband Rahim Jaffer, the former MP who was recently charged with drunk riving and cocaine possession.

Seems Mr. J. liked to use his wife's parliamentary issued Blackberry to phone and text potential business associates while pleading contracts for new deals.

That would be one of the Blackberry's that you and I pay for in taxes.

Sidebar question before we proceed:

Why does anyone need four or more cell phones?

Why should the hard-pressed to meet monthly responsibilities Canadian taxpayer pay for anything like this?

To continue...

Now, Mr. Jaffer has been asked to take the Conservative party logo off his website as he no longer has anything to do with the Conservative party...anything that is other than calling everyone he knows and playing on the fact that he once met someone and once had dinner with someone and therefore can get you almost anything you want from his Friends in government.

Let me be clear.

I detest Jaffer from another movie.

Some years ago, when I was doing a nightly talk show on a local radio station, Jaffer had agreed to a telephone interview from Edmonton with one of my day-time colleagues.

The interview happened as planned.

The only problem was that the man having the conversation with our broadcaster was not Jaffer, but some bum-boy assistant who was posing as Jaffer.

Jaffer's excuse for this deranged subterfuge?

He was busy and thought he'd just let his assistant pretend to be him.

Whatsa problem?

How sociopathic is that?

In all my years of broadcasting, in all my years of drinking milkshakes, playing street hockey, reading books, traveling in Europe and cooking dinners, I have never heard of such a thing before or since.

This deeply creepy man was elected to Parliament.

The day after he was not elected to Parliament, he married Guergis, who today resigned.

These two are the poster children for everything that is self-absorbed and narcissistic and wrong with Life on Earth as We Know It.

I will run for Parliament in the next election. You can pretend to be me. I will give you Blackberry's. We will all have dinner with the Prime Minister. Canada is good. Oh, yes.


Captain Phil Evans said...

This is a fantastic line David

"I will run for Parliament in the next election. You can pretend to be me. I will give you Blackberry's. We will all have dinner with the Prime Minister. Canada is good. Oh, yes."

They are narcissistic sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice that in a pond the scum always rises to the top?? Too bad political parties have let the 'pond' get inhabited by the wrong type of critters.

Evil Eye said...

This woman should have been given the chop when she rather nastily dissed PEI a few weeks back. The PM allowed her to stick like Limpet.

It seems my cynicism has no bounds as this outfit seems to fit my perception of every MP in Ottawa and every MLA in Victoria.

They are ALL narcissistic sociopaths.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Well, I've danced with a girl who's danced with a man who's danced with the Prince of Wales. No, that's not right ...
Can I have a free Crackberry anyway?