Thursday, May 13, 2010

And someone Printed it and Sold it to her

We were sitting in the window seats of a coffee shop the other day.

A young woman, perhaps late twenties, early thirties, jaywalked across the busy street in front of us.

She did this casually.

She was wearing a bright red T-shirt.

This is what the T-shirt declared in very large bold leters:


Just do me.

Just do me?

Clearly this young woman is not working for Rape Relief.

Clearly this young woman has never heard of Rape Relief.

Possibly she's never heard of terrible things that happen to women every day of the week around the world.

Yes, even here in Supernatural.

Why aren't all of the women and at least half the men in this idiot's social circle telling her to think about what she is doing?

Is there someone who thinks this is clever or funny?

And if some madman attacked her, what would be her defense?

I was just kidding, your Honour?

He should have known that.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that wearing a t-shirt imprinted with this "message" is dumb and low-class.


Her defense if she was attacked wearing this t-shirt, a business suit, jeans and a sweater or a micro-mini and thigh length boots would be "I said "No", I said, "Stop."

It doesn't matter what a woman or girl is wearing - sexual assault is still wrong morally, ethically and legally. Period.

However, it is not illegal to roll my eyes and think "trailer trash" as she walks by wearing this silly t-shirt.