Thursday, May 13, 2010

Campbell Calculus

Here's how we compute in B.C. under the regime of The Monumental Premier.

If you are a poor parent and your children have been placed in foster care, your housing allowance is now being cut from a family rate of $570 a month to a single person’s rate of about $375.

The government will save the taxpayers $195.

Of course, if your housing allowance is now $195 less than it was last month, you may have even more trouble than usual paying for your home, which in turn reduces your chance of getting your children back and out of foster care ad its intendant costs.


Of course, there is no problem funding the Site C dam, the new roof for The Playpen, the new convention centre, etc...

How do Campbell, Hansen, the Housing Minister, the Minister of Children & Families and the rest of these carpetbaggers sleep at night?

Probably very well.

Because they have a personal belief system that allows them to ignore this kind of human suffering in their own back yards.


Many of you will now tell us that parents whose children are in foster care are loafers and bums and that they are hardly citizens at all.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Evil Eye said...

The Campbell era will go down in BC's history as one of the most callus and corrupt regimes the province ever had.

Campbell has done untold hurt on the populace while at the same time lavishly rewarding political sycophants and cronies.

The hate and bile caused by this odorous man will last for decades. But what will also be remembered is how ineffective and weak-kneed Her Majesty's Official Opposition was and how inept the idiot James has been.

BC is at it nadir and only those who will selflessly come forward to try to stem the hate and loathing of this government, need apply.

I do not see a White Knight on a shining horse, I only see more of the same, in the race to the bottom of the barrel of mediocrity.