Monday, May 17, 2010


In the words of Rogers & Hammerstein,

"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu."

Adios, shalom, tiejen, ciao carissimi...

Except for a short period last summer when I stopped writing the blog, I have been doing this continuously for over three and a half years now.

It's been a lot of fun and I've made many new friends.

Your comments have, in the main, been delightful, insightful, welcome and on the mark.

But all things come to an end.

Last year I cancelled my Vancouver Sun subscription. This morning I canceled my Globe & Mail subscription.

May music and laughter remain constants in all our lives.

May all the politicians retire and give us back our money.

May Life be kind to you.

Thank you and good night.


Dave C. said...


Disappointed, but not surprised, to read your decison. Three and one-half years on top of how many others in radio and TV? Quite a resume of creativity and political vigilance. I hope that your many contributions to civic betterment will be rewarded when the "Liberals" are turfed. 'Till then - peace and good health! You will be missed.


Maureen said...

David, thank your for doing this for so long. You have been enlightening, challenging, provoking and hilarious. I will miss your morning thoughts and cannot imagine you not sharing an opinion in some way or another in the future.

Elizabeth said...

I've enjoyed your blog very much and will miss the postings. Good luck in your future endeavours. I know they will be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

thank you, David, for the wonderful blogs, the music, the fun; shall miss enjoying them all with my morning coffee.

I wish you health, joy and blessings.

thanks again

Anonymous said...

What took you so long to cancel the Globe and Mail? Will you still be blogging?

A. John Robertson said...

Thank you David for the insights you have provided and also the entertainment. I hope to encounter you again.

Good luck to you and success to you at whatever you endeavor to take up!

Gavin said...

Say it isn't so David. However I fully understand your is too short and in our time left we must fully and savour what years we have and essentially wake up....smell the roses and the coffee and breathe the air of freedom. Get on with your book as well.

Gerry Verrier said...

What happened, David? Care to share? Either way, I wish you and yours all the best. I'll miss reading your blog over coffee every day.

citzen queen said...

I fail to see your humor in this..
Wanna go for a soda and chat?

Anonymous said...

I can understand. I can also be selfish. You gave me a reason to look at this computer. Your views were and still are insightful. I hope you get bored and decide to return. Until then thank you.

Ronnie said...

David, I hope you will stay in the public eye in one form or another.

Farewell and take care, Mensch!

Anonymous said...

You will be missed. One of the few bloggers that was worthwhile. Loved the videos. Makes life worth living. It has been a slice David. Missed you when CKNW did the punt and will miss you on the net. Good luck and hope to be lucky enough to have coffee with you one day.


Anonymous said...

I guess now all the internet is good for is watching porn.;-) Time well wasted.

Happy Trails Mr.Berner. May health,wealth, happiness, but most of all love, be yours in abundance.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

Pia has a show on Shaw now, Sir David. Just sayin'. ;-)

A. G. Tsakumis said...

I'll always wish you well David. You'll be missed. Mazel tov!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog!
You have been my favorite and my first stop to gain perspective. Sometimes I didn't agree but you always made me think.
I'll miss the wonderful videos you've sourced for us...!
And all I can say is - I wish you weren't saying goodbye:(

Anonymous said...

Sad to lose you once again David. All the best in wherever life takes you. Hope you keep your page up just in case you feel the need to vent occasionally.

Ron H

Anonymous said...

addio, mi mancherai.

Grant G said...

Mr. Berner...You are one class act, a diamond in the rough!

You have taught me much....I know how much work goes into writing/blogging and keeping it fresh....

Perhaps a monthly post is in order..

If indeed you become re-inspired......If you write it we will read.


kootcoot said...

I hope you will let your archives reside here, accessible to those who may not have ever found your blog, but will appreciate it next week or next year.

Anonymous said...

You would think that someone that has spent as much time as you have treating addictions would be sensitive to the many people addicted to your blog.
Maybe you could open a safe blogging site on west forth ave near your home.
Gregor should pony up the rent and larry Campbell will get behind you.
A royal commision to study the effects of blogging on
the dtes.
we need help


ama said...

Boo to this and yeah to you. You have given so much to so many David and the world is truly a much better place because you are in it. How will we all manage without your insight, humor, wisdom and genuine careful thoughtful attention to all you meet. But most especially your voice, that speaks for those who are not able to. Love and blessings on all that you do. Slainte Mhath

Anonymous said...

Gosh David,

I will miss your blog.

I hope nothing untoward caused you to stop.

And I hope you will keep writing at least for your own benefit.

Best to you always.

John B.

diverdarren said...

I'll miss your opinion in the morning. If you decide to come back I'll be here with the rest of your fans ready and waiting to blog with you. All the best and thanks.


Leah said...

All the best that life has to offer is what I'm hoping you'll enjoy every day. I'll miss the content of my first stop in the blogosphere every morning, your site truly is one-of-a-kind David. Just like you.

Be safe, well and happy.

Anonymous said...

No, NO, it can't be.

Sadly, your blog will be missed and even more sadly, your opinion will be missed.

I hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Ah come on David. At least wean us off. Maybe every second day for about six months. Then once a week for the next for a year.then once a month for a year.

Cold turkey hurts.

RossK said...

Cold turkey has always been Mr. B.'s prescription for The Big Jones.


Good luck to him I say!

And thanks for all the fish as well.

(and fun and games too)


Judie said...

I was very disappointed to read this on May 17th. It's June 2nd and I'm still disappointed. I only "found" you a few months before you quit! It's not fair!

It's not like you HAVE to link videos and articles and such - just give us a few paragraphs and we'll be happy. Surely, you could spare us all 5 or 10 minutes every now and then?

Or, just take a bit of time off and return. It's not like you won't have something to say anyway. :)

Your blogs are very enjoyable and insightful - don't leave us hanging........... :)

Thanks for your words - but please reconsider. All the best!


Anonymous said...

It would appear that an ENCORE is in order.


Jack Bennest said...

You will be missed. Are you working at a college?

keep in touch at


Anonymous said...

Haven't been on here for quite a while due to packing for a move and other "stuff".

I wish you the very best David - whatever you do and where ever you go. Always have and always will enjoy your words, wisdom and terrific personality - not to mention the fabulous music you dig up.

Above all - Be well.