Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Praise of Women

Maybe we need more of them in High Office.

One woman in Ottawa and one woman in Victoria have together shown courage and leadership that is rare.

We applaud them both and look for more in the same mold.

In Ottawa, the MP's have skulked away into the night, refusing to even comment on how or why they refuse to let Auditor-General Sheila Fraser look at how they casually spend HALF A BILLION TAX DOLLARS each year on themselves.

And in Victoria, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, the provincial watchdog for children has had to go to the courts to get Campbell & Co to turn over cabinet documents. She won.

But, understand that in order to do her job protecting children and youth, she had to sue Gordon Campbell and Children's Minister, Mary Polak.


Gavin said...

These two women are examples of the kind of people who should be running our country. Not because they are thorns in the side of our federal and provincial governments but because they get to the root of the problem, cut through the bull and obfuscation and are unfailingly honest. Needless to say, both are brilliant and dedicated people.

Dave C. said...


When I read the semi-buried report in the Sun today regarding Turpel-Lafond's successful court challenge, my first reaction was that BC will lose this intelligent, courageous and principled advocate if she has to fight that hard to do her job.

My second thought was how discouraging politics must be for women (and men as well) who are appointed to positions of trust based on their impeccable credentials, only to have to expend needless energy just doing the very thing they were recruited to do. How shameful and wasteful.

The BC Liberals deserve to be bounced for their arrogant and disrespectful behaviour. I agree that denying the Auditor General the ability to monitor political spending is insulting, but interfering with the Children's Advocate whose job it is to protect children in care is absolutely disgusting and morally reprehensible.

Dave C.

Evil Eye said...

Now these two women are true bureaucrats, doing what is right for "the people", not the government. I hope to god that out of the almost 400,000 bureaucrats in this country that there are more than two people who know to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I was most appalled to read that Libby Davies (one of the board members that decided the Auditor General wouldn't be able to review MP expenses) spent over 500,000.00!


It sure isn't on anything that I've heard about it.

I guess the Auditor General is going to have to sue as well.

We sure have an honourable group of politicians (cough,cough)