Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The greatest liar and mass murderer in Canadian history is appealing his sentence.

After serving a mere five years for building bombs that killed 331 people, Inderjit Singh Reyat was then found guilty of perjury and sentenced to nine more years in prison.

Mr. R. is appealing that sentence because he feels that it was"harsh and excessive."

Here stands before us the definition of a psychopath.


Jeff Taylor said...

As much as I's like to call Mr. K a psychopath and put all the blame on him for carrying through with an appeal, the true psychopaths and the one's to blame are the politicians that construct our laws. Often it's even difficult to blame the judges because in many cases they are actually following the laws as they are drafted for them, ie: sentencing. Od course Mr. R is a psychopath, but even psychopaths can do the research on the laws of our land brought down by absolute idiots up on the Hill.

Anonymous said...

What about the investigators that 'used' a secert witness to testify against Mr.R, but the secert witness's testimony couldn't hold up under a poligraph test because the secert witness, is a secert to the witness! IE: under the influence of a drug....I'd really like to see that bogus testimony. Then the investigators paid an informant to collaborate the testamony.


Anonymous said...

If ever their was a poster boy for the return of the gallows this gentleman is it.

I dont care if it would make him a hero.