Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goo Goo

B.C. Liberal Party president Mickey Patryluk called the addition of about 50,000 members since November "a clear signal of the enthusiasm that has been ignited by this leadership race."

This is pure politics and soap suds.

The sleeping masses have been going to work, having a beer, watching the game, having the occasional wrestle in the sheets and generally thinking about the local political scene about as much as they have been contemplating outer space.

What has brought about all these amazing new memberships is hundreds of volunteers making thousands of phone calls and other public disturbances.

This is called "tickling the baby."

Not to mention mass sign-ups of people who have been in BC for less than 3 years, don't speak either of the official languages of the country and wouldn't know a Falcon from a Dix.


Jeff Taylor said...

"from a Dix" - lol - love it ! David, you forgot to mention the sign-ups of the cats, dogs, goldfish, and hamsters ! Don't forget the photocopied membership forms ! When does it ever stop ? - this thirst for power. Too bad that thirst for power is ever converted into the need and desire to do what's actually right for the people they pretend that it's all about.

Anonymous said...

Campbell was about, corruption and greed, right from day one. Big business pays Campbell very well, to favor them. Campbell never passes up a buck. Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. The theft and sale of our rivers. The HST election lie, and giving our HST to Harper. The election lie, BC's tiny deficit, while the rest of the globe crashed???? Giving our mill industry to China, and our raw logs to boot. He has ripped off our health care, our education, our hungry BC children, our minimum wage. Campbell has thieved everything he has laid his hands on, from the province and from the BC people. He has stuffed his wallet, and the wallets, of his business buddies. His six figure pension, isn't too shabby either. Nor was the $60.000 year salary raise he gave himself. Or Ida Chong chomping $6,000 worth of food, for her fine dining. Not one thing, has he done for the BC people, but steal from them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous and Jeff Taylor (above) have pretty much summed up what I THINK about the governance of this Province and the antics of those in the Liberal party vying for the "top job".

You're right about the sleeping masses being otherwise occupied - working, shopping, etc., etc.
In total ignorance of the what is transpiring all about us.

No Egyptian uprisings here, darn it. Though the massive rally against the HST gives one some hope.
A hit in the pocketbook will get ones attention and action 9 times out of 10.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to be a Liberal supporter these days. Having read the previous posts I ask myself how poor a job has the opposition done in the past 10 years. I have always saaid it was a stroke of genious when Gordo denied the 2 seat NDP official status. They forgot how to oppose.

While I agree that the Liberals were all of the above that does not ease my fears of the NDP taxing us into oblivion while trying to be everything to everybody. If they went back to their close ties to labour they might not be as scary.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"If they went back to their close ties to labour they might not be as scary."

Well, Moe is being paid by the unions. Good enuff for ya?