Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Cam Cole, musing in today's Sun about Tiger Woods, has crafted one of the best sports pieces I've read in a long time.

Cole brings forward the elephant that no else dare mention - Tiger may never, yes never, be the golfer we knew (or really didn't know at all) a few years ago. Tiger is basically toast.

He may be right.

On the other hand (to quote a certain Milkman), the ESPN "story line" for the Australian Open tennis was nonsense. "The Changeover."

Needing as we all do these days (governments, real estate sales, quiz shows) a "narrative," the sports broadcaster chose to convince us that Federer and Nadal are basically over and done and that Djokovic and a few others will be the new stars, starting right about...now.

Wrong again, Smartypants.

No question, Djokovic was magnificent in his run to the finals and in his defeat of Andy Murray. He has never played better and he is significantly better than he was even one year ago. He is now truly one of the great contemporary players.

But Federer and Nadal are the two best players I have ever seen play this game. Ever.

And they are not going away. They are hardly finished.

Tiger may be, but they are not.

Stay tuned.

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