Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Poor Wally.

He's overworked.

He wants folks to package their complaints.

Why don't you whiners all get yourselves together before the hearing and bunch up, like, sort of in a group. And that way, I wouldn't have to sit here so long and listen to the same boring story of your sister or your mother or whoever being killed or something.

Here's what the headline says:


The commish is Wally Opaque.

The Inquiry is the farce and public show known as the Missing Women's Inquiry.

Wally has already granted "standing" to the usual suspects - the City of vancouver, the RCMP and so on.

But the women, the families, the independent investigators, the social groups - in other words, the riff-raff, well that's another story all together.

Could we please have another hearing?

One led by someone who actually cares.

One that isn't pre-designed as a cover-up and a PR sop.

If it's painful to read about, how deep a turn of the blade must it be for people whose lives have been directly impacted by this nightmare?
The woman in the photo is Helen Hallmark.

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