Friday, February 4, 2011



Gavin said...

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dim.......priceless! Judge Craig hit so many nails on the head! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

OWG Old white guys. It all makes sense. Affirmative action, unfettered imigration, multicultural, the list of stupidity is endless.

Imagine a place where OWGs were in charge. Laws, morals, values.
Safe streets. Its just a dream


Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Justice Craig - I think his way of thinking is lost in the past. The world has changed and we need to figure out how to keep moving in a positive direction. I think semantics are important and one thing that struck me about Craig's language was his frequent use of "them" thinking. Until we understand there are more than 2 sides, ie. legal and illegal, criminal and citizen, us and them, nothing will change. I think Craig's thinking is a little out of date:(
And next week - Geoff Plant!!!
My goodness - are you going to ask him about his deep connections to the scandals of the BC Liberal gov't. And the tangles that his law firm Heenan Blaikie are involved in? Ask him about Phil Hochstein, the court challenge of the HST petition, Allan Seckel, William Berardino, Jessica McDonald, Paul Battershill, office break-ins connected to Railgate, Sullivan's Civil City. He must be the queen bee of a hive of insider connections!
I look forward to your interview:)

Leah said...

Thank you for this episode David, and Justice Craig. I had begun to wonder if there is any common sense left in BC, I see there is.

Unfortunately, it has retired along with those who know how to apply it. I sense a great deal of frustration in this man - he knows what's wrong, and like the rest of us, he can't fix it.

It would be great to see, and hear, more from both of you - at a deeper level.

Thanks again!