Thursday, February 3, 2011



We have a new abiter of public consumption, a new Mubarak of Free Speech.

It's fascinating to find these despots in the most curious of places.

BC Ferries blocks sex-education, abortion sites on Wi-Fi service

Since when did it become the purview of BC Ferries to determine what you and I and our children and our grandparents can or cannot read or gawk at on our computers?

"Experience the difference," indeed.

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diverdarren said...

David, BC ferries gets to say what goes over their free ship board internet because its theirs. If riders don't like the BC Ferries internet than they can plug in their own internet stick and look at what they please.

BC Ferries can and should control their network, they can't stop what you look at over your own network. Its a simple game of it's my ball and we play the game I want.

This is not an issue of "big brother"