Thursday, March 31, 2011


Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May may or may not be a great addition to Parliament, to national political life or to fine dining. She may or may not have a one-note or full-piano agenda.

But we know these things for sure:

- She is running against Conservative incumbent, Gary Lunn, Minister of State for Sport.

- Mr. Lunn is the second worst parliamentarian in Canadian history, the worst, of course, being Hedy Fry.

- Elizabeth May is the leader of a federal party that gathered one million votes last time round and that collects substantial federal election spending from our federal government.

- A consortium of TV broadcasters (CBC, CTV, Global, Radio-Canada & TVA) have decided that Elizabeth May is not worthy of participation in televised debates.

Since when are entertainment conglomerates the rightful holders of democratic freedoms in this or any other country?

Barbara Yappy, in her column today, presents the oldest and dumbest argument in favour of the TV execs' decision: "They [the Green Party] are not part of the parliamentary play in this country. They have no seats in either the House of Commons or the Senate."


Is this what we really want in Canada? The same old, same old tired old white men babbling about the size of their...programs?

I say, "The more the merrier."

To date, Elizabeth May has not proven herself to be a circus clown, a pot advocate, a nun in politician's clothing or Linsay Lohan's evil twin.

She is the leader of a registered and legitimate political party.

It is unlikely that she or her candidate in my riding will get my vote.

But I do want to hear their arguments.

Maybe because I have this quaint, old fashioned notion of democracy.

Silly me.

One day I will grow up and think like the CBC.

Which, of course, will be the same day, I watch Peter Mansbridge interview someone.


Robert W. said...

What saddens me though, David, is that not one truly significant issue in our country is being discussed during this campaign (or any time?).

Instead, over the next several weeks the media will focus most of its energy on the age-old argument about whether Lizzie May will, or will not, be allowed into the debate.

Remember the old adage of the magician distracting us with movement in one hand while a whole lot of other things are happening with the other?

steven said...

What CBC is saying is that the other leaders, Stephen, Michael, and Jack will be more informative, forthcoming, engaging, and perhaps entertaining than Ms May.

How likely would that scenario be is up to the imagination of the general public.

steven W

Evil Eye said...

Here, here.

I will now vote Green, on the basis that the the MSM don't want us to.

What is really sad, what political leader has said he will boycott the debate until Ms. may is allowed to play!

Anonymous said...

What a fine example of democracy in Canada.

The people of nine provinces, have to listen to, the leader of, just one province that has nothing to do with the rest of Canada complain, probably in French. While Elizabeth May has members, all across Canada. Typical of the media, who are a disgrace to their professions. They are against democracy and the people. AND, that has not escaped the Canadian peoples notice either. The debate, will be the same old, same old. I can't even be bothered to watch it.

We know Harper, didn't want May in the debate, she is a tough opponent. When Harper doesn't want to answer tough questions, he prorogues Parliament. Harper, doesn't like to lose.

I wasn't sure, who I would vote for either. Elizabeth May, is for the people, democracy, and the country. Harper is for big business. He takes from the citizens, to give to, his large corporation favorites.

Ignatieff will keep the HST, so he's out. Jack Layton, we don't hear too much from him. I do believe he also wants to keep the HST as well.

I will also vote for Elizabeth May.