Monday, March 28, 2011


This is an election about nothing.

Jack Layton forced the election for the same reason that a dog licks himself - because he can.

This is an election about the three P's: Power, Politics and Putzes.

Harper may or may not be the warmest, cuddliest guy on earth, and you may not think of him first when you ask yourself, "Whom should I invite for coffee this morning?"

But so what? Has he wrecked the country? Has he done anything as criminal as the Liberal Sponsorship mess of a decade ago?

What are the issues for this election?

Health care? (Costs out of control. Service fabulous on Tuesdays, the shits on Wednesdays.) Education? (Third rate. Run by the Teachers' Unions.) Productivity? (Unknown. Less than zero. No skilled labour force. No apprentices.) The military? (Proud and in harm's way every day, unloved and under financed.)

Not at all. None of these issues is at play.

We are one of the least productive nations on earth. Our economy is run entirely by the service industries ("Can I put some Cinnamon sprinkles on that for you, Ma'am?) and foreign grabs on real estate. And the every diminishing natural resources.


This all a vainglorious $300 Million hit in the taxpayers' pocket.

It's all for cheesy sound bites and posturing.

I've reached the point where the sight of Mr. Mustache (Fast Eddy Felson, above) and Professor Iggy Pop actually make me sick.

I don't believe for a second that these stick figures have me or you at heart.

Eat a bagel, don a turban, kiss a baby - I'm throwing up already.

And no sooner will the poop from this Cavalia be shoveled off the sawdust, then we'll have to watch Christy Palin mount her steed and costs us another $100 Million or so.

Try keeping the libraries open instead.


Rick said...

The best thing for democracy in this country and province would be to let them throw their election parties and no one attend then they would get the message that we don't want any of the current criminals. Or for those of you who still think you need to vote to maintain democracy at least write on the ballot, None of the above.

With the current group of politicians and Political Parties being all bought and paid for by the Bankster Gangsters and multinational corporations nothing will change no matter who forms government. They will just screw the taxpayer and enrich another group of elite friends.

Robert W. said...

I agree wholeheartedly, David.

The most amusing thing so far was when a Facebook friend, a lifelong Liberal supporter, posted a link to a column entitled, "Tories past best-before date".

I couldn't resist and commented with: "How do you feel about the fact that your Liberal Party has little to no chance outside of Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, & Montreal? Yet you're adamant that the Conservatives are past their best-before date? That's what I'd call 'irony'."

So far I have received no response from her.

Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail on the proverbial head as usual. And my stomach turns as well every time I see old Iggy on the boob tube -- in fact I'm feeling a bit queasy now just thinking about him.

Have been watching your tv show and reading your blog from the start (and restart) and enjoying both. Glad you're back in the saddle again!


Norm Farrell said...

Layton forced this election? Oh, really? Did Layton arrange the $26 million federal advertising campaign during the last 10 weeks, the largest Canadian ad campaign ever designed to sell the sitting government.

Did Layton arrange the Tory call centre that was at work on Monday calling voters on behalf of Harper, using humans not computers?

David, you missed the target on this one completely. The election comes after the Tories got favorable poll results. All the rest is window dressing.

Evil Eye said...

Harper is slicker than our dear old friend Gordon Campbell and twice as evil.

His contempt for the rule of law and the Canadian taxpayer is astounding.

The truth be known, I can't stand either Iggy, Harpo, and what's his name who leads the NDP and the Green party has turned a dark shade of brown of late.

The contempt for the Canadian parliamentary system by Harper is dangerous. A Prime Minister who is contempt of Parliament is in contempt for the law.

Coalitions, which Harper denounces all to often, are a part of our parliamentary democracy and even he, the Great Harpo, contemplating an arrangement with the Bloc or NDP.

This election is about cynicism, power and public contempt; the election is for absolute power by a little man who want to be Number 1.

I am deathly afraid if Harper wins a majority, we will have bloodshed on the streets, as he practices his pseudo American tea-bag politics.

Anonymous said...

Harper gives me the willies too. He said, we wouldn't recognize Canada when he gets through with our country. I'm afraid, there won't be a Canada left. Harper is ripping off Canadians, to give to these huge corporations. The wealthiest outfits in the world, and he wants to give them another tax reduction, which will come off Canadians paychecks. I agree, Harper has an evil agenda. I hope BC people remember Harper's stand, on our BC HST, come vote time. The BC HST, was an underhanded scam, to cheat the BC citizens.

Leah said...

Can't agree with you on this one David - a vote for Harper is like voting for Campbell - on steroids.
If he gets a will be a case of "you ain't seen nothin' yet".

Anonymous said...

Waste of time waste of money waste of wood and paper for election signs.
Harper is the only way to put an end to IGGY and Layton spending 300 miliion every couple of years. Harper and Iggy are a lot like a BC Lberal and a BC Conservative. SAME gang different label. Big difference is that Layton will not win because of the right wing splitting the vote.
So I will vote for Harper and hope he gets a majotity and we can forget about the feds for 4 years