Thursday, April 7, 2011


Delusional and possibly schizophrenic.

An apt description for our criminal justice system.

Of course, originally this phrase was used to describe a man who killed his three children three years ago.

But now that knowing authorities are granting this dangerous felon leave to go swimming and have coffee at the mall, we can best apply this little summary to the authorities and to the system itself that allows such fools to be in charge.

The authorities, of course, have no - NO, ZERO - sense of community responsibility.

B.C. Review Board chair Bernd Walter is one of these men.

Dr. Johan Brink, the clinical director of the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital is another.

Remember their names.

Because when their patient, Allan Dwayne Schoenborn, kills someone else, these nutty, irresponsible fools should be held accountable.

Here is the shrink`s rationale for this hideously mistaken decision:

Brink said Schoenborn was “compliant,” taking medication and learning to cook.

Good. Nice.

What I have read of this dreadful story tells me this:

Schoenborn is and was NOT insane. He knew right from wrong when he killed his children, which he did entirely asd an act of rage against his wife. He then had the foresight and clear headedness to hide out in the woods until he was caught.

But Walter and Brink are insane.

They are dangerous men who are out of touch with the realities of their communities.

They are secreted away in their little jobs and have forgotten, if they ever knew, what is right and what is wrong.

Schoenborn is a high risk offender - as in way off the charts.

And these two men are aiding and abetting him.


Amanda L. said...

David, something very wrong is going on in BC. Here's a chilling story about an elderly Victoria woman who is being held in a nursing home while her family fights to have her come live with them.

Recently the woman had to be rushed to emergency after being given an overdose of morphine. The nursing home is under police investigation, yet the woman is still being detained there. What is going on? On compassionate grounds this woman should be given her freedom back, and on financial grounds, does it make sense that she's in a long-term-care bed when she apparently doesn't need to be?

All around frightening. So is the apparent lack of media coverage in BC about this story. Does this nursing home have friends in high places??

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of these parole boards and judges who refuse to use their power to protect the public, and other do gooders who believe in the rehabilitation of all addicts and the ability of our "system" to rehabilitate every criminal no matter how evil
must come to an end. We need to elect judges and hold parole board members civily and criminally accountable for their decisions. We need to swing the pendulum way more to the right.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

A fine post, Sir David, complete agreement of course, but let's not forget another name: Justice of the peace Fraser Hodge who told Schoenborn, "I'm reluctant to put anybody in jail" and turned him loose to commit that monstrous evil.
That he can live with himself speaks volumes.