Friday, April 8, 2011


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Anonymous said...

Dr. Brian Day is so right. Campbell's stupidity of putting hospitals into regions, put the cost of health care, right through the roof. This is nothing other than, a chaotic nightmare. Duplication of duties, is one of them.

Putting money managers in place of, departments who should have RN's in charge, is another nightmare. Trying to run hospitals as a business, just doesn't work. Hospitals are a service, not a money business. You can not, meld three different departments into one. Each department is specialized. When you try to have staff rotating through three, different specialized departments, damage and mistakes, are inevitable.

Campbell foolishly, laid off hospital housekeeping staff, and contracted that aspect out to the public. The result is, dirty hospitals full of super bugs. Pseudomona aeruginosa is in dust, none of the housekeeping staff were trained, in the different bacteria, living in different environments.

As a patient, I saw cross contamination, mould, left growing in a bath room. I asked my doctor to please let me go home. However, I got a super bug, and had to go right back into the hospital. This is a waste of money, which happens far too often.

The BC Liberal government, is the absolute worst thing, to have happened to this province