Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Congratulations are very much in order to the Union Gospel Mission for their new multi-purpose facility on East Hastings.

UGM has been quietly and honorably serving the DTES and the entire community for a great many years now.

They are one of those front-line social service agencies that do effective human and humane work with "the least among us."

They rarely make headlines or attract attention to themselves.

Today is a worthy exception.


Anonymous said...

UGM provided a family member a place to kick a heroin habit, support to stay clean and a place to die with dignity from a lifetime of drug abuse. Words can not begin to express our gratitude to UGM. However money can. Its is one charity that we give to every year.They do good work and we are VERY thankful for the effort they put into making life better for the less fortunate.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

"They rarely make headlines or attract attention to themselves."

But then, UGM aren't really a part of the poverty industry per se, are they? Not to my mind. UGM just get on with actually making life better for people who need help, not making a good living off perpetuating addiction, poverty and the general misery of others, which of course requires a lot of 'activism'.
I'm very selective to whom I donate and UGM are big on my list.
Many Congratulations and G-d bless them.