Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The money being given to casinos and forgiven by the provincial government are a criminal offense unto themselves.

This money comes under the curious title, "Facility Development Commissions."

Or FDCs.

Pete McMartin & Larry Pynn have written two excellent pieces in this morning's Sun about this handy little give-away.

The bottom line is this:

BC taxpayers are handing casino owners, builders and developers close to half a BILLION dollars to help these poor souls create gambling places.

Not one of you - hoping to open a shoe store or a dental practice - can ask the government for similar kick-backs.

For that is what they are - kick-backs.

You build ugly places where miserable foolish people can lose lots of money that we can collect and we will be so grateful to you that we will practically build these sheds for you.

And the ways that these shady operations claim FDC money are hysterical and mind-boggling - parties, poker dealing lessons, celebrity pianos...

Best of all is the quote from Michael Graydon (pictured above), President CEO (Chief Evading Officer) of the BC Lottery Corporation, who says it is is not his business what casinos do with FDCs.

What exactly is his business?

How does this guy sleep at night?

Some time today, Vancouver City Council will not doubt approve the massive new gambling joint downtown.

Which will make practically everyone who has been in government for the last two decades complicit in this massive criminal enterprise.

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