Sunday, May 8, 2011


ITEM - The election of NDP dingbat Ruth Ellen Brosseau in Quebec (She didn't campaign; she went to Vegas on a holiday; she doesn't speak French; and she may have fudged her papers - but aside from that she's a wonderful person.) is a hideous travesty.

While Senor Mustache may be gloating about walking backwards into the propeller wash of opposition status, he should take a moment and have this "triumph" somehow annulled.

ITEM - The American government -with millions in poverty and out of work and without adequate health care - provides billions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan each year.

For which they get duplicity, betrayal and hatred.

Nice deal.

We appreciate that international diplomacy is a subtle and dangerous enterprise - Pakistan is nuclear-powered, India is next-door, India is a democracy - but really, kids.


How quickly Christy Clark has forgotten her radio host roots

First rate column from the Globe's Gary Mason.

ITEM - What we need is a system like Cuba ’s neighbourhood Committees for the Defense of the Revolution. “Exposing who on your block or in your office uses most energy might be a good incentive for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.”

This gem of lunatic reductionist academic non-thinking comes from an extraordinary column by Peter Foster in yesterday's Financial Post.

The author of these so-called thoughts is a Professor of Mathematics and Biology at Harvard University.

Keep in mind that the nine people who decided in a ninety minute meeting at Wansee on January 20, 1942 the fate of millions of Jews had the following attributes in common: They were all male; they were all German; they were all Nazis; and they were all graduates at the highest levels from the best universities in the Fatherland.

An education does not necessarily awaken one's glint of humanity.

ITEM - Money is being stolen (seconded?) from School budgets to help billion dollar energy companies in BC.

A fantasy, you say?

Check out Craig McInnes in the Sun today.

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