Friday, June 10, 2011


"South Asians" apparently hold all keys to democracy in British Columbia.

South Asians is codeword for Indian and Pakistani, as far as I can understand this term when used in the context of voting and elections.

Three years ago in a public forum, I dared to question the decency and usefulness of busing in hundreds of elderly new immigrants who didn't speak English or French, who had no idea of local history and who knew nothing of the candidates on the ballots. These people cast votes. Their votes were decisive in election results.

The words were barely out of my mouth when Kerry Jang, then a Vision slate candidate for Vancouver City Council, and now a Vision slate Vancouver City Councillor, leapt to his feet enraged.

Of course, he accused me of racism, among other crimes.

After the public debate, Jang stood in front of me and glared.

When I asked him what he wanted, he hissed, "I know you!"

I assured him he knew nothing about me, and ended with the ever graceful, "F--- off!"

Interesting, therefore, to read the morning headline:

B.C. Liberal, NDP leadership races saw same people sign up for both parties

followed by this:

"Several hundred Surrey residents held dual memberships in the B.C. Liberal Party and provincial NDP when both parties were holding their leadership campaigns earlier this year.

It was well known that organizers for candidates in both parties were aggressively signing up South Asians in Surrey during the leadership contests..."

So, your Mr. Gill and my Mr. Gill loves both political parties equally.

Isn't that nice?

Isn't that exactly what we want all Canadians to understand about political process?

Isn't that what we teach in civics class?

Oh, I forgot.

We don't teach civics class.


Only in Canada, you say?


Bob Ransford said...

We wonder why most people are so disengaged from civic affairs. This ethnic-based gamesmanship is one primary reason.

I have witnessed first-hand the rapid deterioration of political participation over 34 years of direct involvement. A significant factor in this degradation of our democracy has been the way a few players have enticed political parties to opportunistically wholly embrace these tactics of ethnic-based manipulation. Not only have these mainly unethical practices eroded democracy, they have made a mockery of the basic values of our society-- values like honesty, individual choice, etc.

Anonymous said...

Political Parties allow non citizens to join. It goes back to a time when Commonwealth citizens were allowed to vote in Canadian elections. That is no longer the case, and Political Parties must change their rules.

Evil Eye said...

The South Asian community is the most catered to ethnic community in the history of Canada.

Unless it is something really bad, the South Asian community is given a free pass.

It is our politician's fault for 'Balkanizing' our political system along the lines of race and religion. You think we have a problem now, just wait until we are forced to tolerate third world practices, like bribes and other inducements as common place.

You think the "Eye" is a racist, I got kicked out of the Canadian Legion years ago by questioning their 'no head gear' policy at a general meeting by pointing out that Sikhs went into battle wearing a turban because it was part of their religion and to not recognize such bravery was childish and puerile.

If Canada is to survive, we must ensure our political system is honest, if not, we are no better off than the old USSR, which despite anti-Soviet rhetoric, held elections every few years as well. That the outcomes were preordained is another matter altogether, but the electoral antics I see today makes me think our electoral process has not only been greatly diminished, but is so corrupt it is not a valid institution anymore.

Anonymous said...

Canada is a cesspool of corruption. Once politicians allowed corruption in their ranks. It is only a matter of time, before the country is taken over by the very corporations, they accept the money from.

Canada has been sold out. Harper gives banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's, billions of our tax dollars. I watched that happen, on the House of Commons TV channel.

So, ask yourselves. Why Harper gives the wealthiest corporations in the world, our tax dollars? These giant company's are also given huge tax reductions. Why?