Saturday, June 11, 2011


Get elected.

In 2007 and 2008, David Cadman, Vancouver City councillor, spent $59,000 of taxpayer, public money for trips to Poland, Korea, New York, Amsterdam, Bonn, Barcelona, Honolulu, Geneva, Bali, Kyoto and Auckland.

That's The Cad, featured in the photo.

He's smiling because he's just had a wonderful meal at your expense and he's going to photograph exotic animals after the conference.

I want that money back.

And all the other money that all the other elected vampires spent in business class airplane seats and first class hotel rooms around the world.

Can we launch a class action suit against these honorable men and women?

For theft and fraud and misuse of public trust.


Jeff Taylor said...

I'll donate to help hire the lawyer to launch the class action suit. It sickens me that this "theft" is allowed (and condoned by many it seems) to continue while libraries (one example) are either closing or having their hours of operation cut.

Evil Eye said...

Cadman is a political leach, sucking all the money he can from the political process. The trouble is, most politicians have followed his lead.

As any politico ever refused a taxpayer paid 'fam' trip, because he/she said it was an abuse of the taxpayer's dollar?

The political system is collapsing under the financial abuse by politicians.

Anonymous said...

I think he was just checking the sex trade in all these wonderful countries look at that silly smile he can`t wait to do it again

Walter V E.

Anonymous said...

There are very few politicians, that are worth the powder, to blow them to hell in a hand basket.

It is because of corrupt politicians, this country is in such a horrific mess.

Greedy politicians allowed corruption into their ranks, now our country is owned by the very corporations, that they took the bribe money from.

Every damned one of them, should be sent to mars, by the toes of our boots. That is, if the Martians will have them. All they are, is a waste of skin.